100 Word Challenge


One day my family and I were going to Chico, CA to go to a restaurant called Kwandos. When we were done eating my mom and my older brother went to go pay for our food while I went to the restroom. I walked out and I didn’t see them so I panicked inside. So my plan was to see if they were at the parking lot, I saw my mom walking this way, and my body just relaxed. But later that day we went shopping and I got a shirt that said Love Paris and scarf ,and some ripped pants. 

Have ever done a 100 Word Challenge and if so what did you write about?



SBC: challenge 5

 The one food that people enjoy in California is hamburgers. I choose hamburgers because I have noticed that when ever I am at In-In-Out there is a long line for one simple burger. Many people go to In-In-Out, Bugar King, McDonald’s, and Five Guys. Nearly 13 billion hamburgers are eaten by people every year. However McDonald’s Big Mac contains 33 grams of fat. What type food do you think is popular in your country?

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The little girl and the doll

One day a mother bought a special doll for her 5 year old daughter. She bought the doll at a thrift store. The mother gave the doll to the daughter for her birthday the next day. When the girl got the doll she was excited and she played with the doll all day long. One night the doll came up to the little girl and the doll put her spirit into the little girl’s body. The next day the mother didn’t find the girl or the doll. She was so terrified she screamed and then called 911. The operator said that was no emergency, but they will at least try to find the little girl.That evening the police called back, said that they didn’t find the girl and that they sorry. It was midnight and the mother heard footsteps downstairs.When she went to go check she didn’t find anything.She went up to her room,she heard footsteps in the attic.She was on her way up when she heard a scream she ran downstairs she saw her daughter with the doll in hand and the little girl had red bloody eyes.The mother wBlurry-faced girl with her doll and stuffed bearas so scared,her daughter grabbed a knife and chased her around the house.Then you don’t want to know what happened,but I will tell you the mother was never seen again.





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